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PNCC DE welcomes everyone interested in becoming a member. Contact us at [email protected] or connect with us via social media. Interested individuals are also welcome to attend a unit meeting (see events page).

Current Registered Parliamentarians
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While not providing membership privileges at the national level, most units of the National Association of Parliamentarians® offer provisional membership to people who are interested in learning about parliamentary procedure.


At the primary level of NAP membership, regular members receive all of the standard benefits of NAP membership after demonstrating basic knowledge of parliamentary principles by completing a diagnostic quiz related to parliamentary procedure. Regular membership demonstrates a commitment to learning and practicing fair and effective democratic processes, and allows members to participate more fully in the activities of the National Association of Parliamentarians®.

Registered Parliamentarian

NAP’s Registered Parliamentarian (RP) credential signifies that a member is qualified to serve as a parliamentarian for most ordinary meetings under usual circumstances and to provide commonly needed parliamentary advice to ordinary organizations. An RP should be able to understand and apply parliamentary rules that are relevant in an ordinary meeting under usual circumstances without having to refer to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. He or she should be able to rapidly find, refer to, understand and apply any rule that would be likely to come up and need resolution in a meeting itself.

Professional Registered Parliamentarian

A member who reaches Professional Registered Parliamentarian® (PRP) status has demonstrated to fellow professionals that he or she not only has the in-depth knowledge of parliamentary procedure required of a Registered Parliamentarian, but also the skills to provide effective, practical help to an individual or organization in need of parliamentary assistance. These skills include the ability to preside over a meeting; to perform the duties of a parliamentarian for another presiding officer and help him or her preside effectively; to consult organizations on the rules that govern their meetings and operations; and to share parliamentary knowledge with others.

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