Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Registered Parliamentarian?

A Registered Parliamentarian is a professional who has proven knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order and has earned the credentialing required to provide learning opportunities and consultation services to organizations seeking assistance on the effective meeting management.

What is the National Association of Parliamentarians?

The National Association of Parliamentarians® (NAP) is the premier professional non-profit association of parliamentarians. NAP provides services and products to help its members and the general public learn how to effectively participate in and manage meetings of deliberative assemblies such as school boards, homeowners' associations, church boards, and volunteer organizations. NAP also provides continuing education and accreditation for parliamentarians who provide professional services to various types of organizations.

What is the Delaware State Association of Parliamentarians?

The Delaware State Association of Parliamentarians is a subsidiary organization of NAP and has the following responsibilities: *Represent the Units of the state at both District and National Conventions. *DSAP is NOT a separate Unit of NAP and all voting rights given to it are proscribed in NAP’s bylaws.

What are the membership options?

Primary members are NAP members who are counted in the association as of March 1 of the convention year for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to which the association is entitled at NAP conventions. A primary member-at-large is an NAP member who is a primary member of the association who is not a member of a unit belonging to that state association.
Affiliate members are NAP members who are primary members of another unit and who are not counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to which the association is entitled at NAP conventions.
Provisional members are individuals who are
preparing for NAP membership. Provisionals are not NAP members and are not counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates at which the association is entitled at NAP conventions.

How do I join PNCC?

PNCC welcomes new members. Contact us at [email protected] or connect with us via social media.

Are there annual dues for PNCC?

Yes, based on the timing of membership dues will be due to the Unit as well as the National Association of Parliamentarians.

How can I hire a Parliamentarian?

To hire a Registered Parliamentarian, complete the form on our Contact Us page.

Does PNCC sponsor a youth program? 

PNCC supports young people in their quest to enhance their learning about parliamentary procedure through student membership and youth driven educational opportunities. DSAP’s future includes working with local Schools and Universities to deepen already existing relationships.

Does PNCC accept donations?

Yes! You can support PNCC by making tax-deductible donations to the association. Donations to DSAP can be directed to one or more of these support areas: Youth Sponsorships, supporting PNCC's youth partnership programs General donations to support PNCC's operational needs

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